Alabama: Fried Green Tomato BLT

Sandwich served: October 5, 2013

"I like the second one, we look more like family," said Laura as we looked at our self-timer first bite photos in which we had all squeezed together in hopes of fitting in the frame. It's funny how a little side comment can stick with you and make you smile weeks later. In fact, we were all pretty smiley that night because we kicked off the Alabama sandwich with the state's signature cocktail: the Alabama Slammer. It's a dangerous concoction of different spirits and a splash of orange juice to make it go down a little easier.

I often claim the BLT as my desert island food. Although I've eaten many, this was the first where the T was of the fried green variety. I'm not sure there's any going back. 

Earlier that afternoon Colleen, Kyle, and I perused the farmers market for ingredients. After an exhaustive search, we finally found a single box of green tomatoes tucked under a table full of ripe red ones. We also snagged a pound of local bacon before heading home [spoiler alert: the best bacon I've eaten].

Laura's grandparents live in Alabama and as we all sat back with full bellies, I imagined how much better our sandwiches would have tasted sitting in big white adirondack chairs on an old front porch. I did feel like a true southern host after dinner, as seven more friends piled into our living room to watch the end of the Northwestern vs. Ohio State football game. While the Wildcat fans were disappointed, earlier in the day, the Crimson Tide gave Alabamians another reason to be proud. I hope they celebrated with a sandwich.

The making of sandwich #35: