Colorado: Denver Sandwich

Sandwich served: February 22, 2013

In my opinion, it’s impossible not to enjoy a trip to Colorado. And this trip was no exception. We saw the sites, drank the beer [all of it], and hung out with great people, including one of my favorite people, Brady. A repeat sandwich eater, Brady was eager to bring Stately Sandwiches to Denver.

Not only was this the first sandwich I made in-state but it was the most mouths I’ve fed. After preparing thirteen stately sandwiches I now feel ready for anything. Bring it on.

Earlier in the day, we spent an amount of time I’d rather not admit to at an incredible toy store in Boulder called Into the Wind. Here we made our greatest purchase of the trip – monster hand tattoos. They made for great sandwich eaters [see the slideshow below].

It’s always a treat to see how your friends have made a home for themselves in their city of choice. And I’m lucky my friends have great taste in cities. Thanks to Brady for being a wonderful host, and to the rest of the Denver sandwich eaters for being awesome. It was a mess of a sandwich, but boy was it delicious.

The making of sandwich #24: