Hawaii: Spam Musubi

Sandwich served: January 16, 2013

Older siblings are the best. While I’m lucky to share a city with my sister, my friend Richie’s brother is in the midst of his residency in Hawaii. It’s certainly not a short train ride away, but at least Tony and his new wife, Jen, chose a great destination for family and friends to visit!

As we took turns crafting our own spam musubis, live updates were being transmitted to Hawaii. Jen, our Hawaiian sandwich correspondent, confirmed my research and said she spots musubis in every 7-11 around the islands.

Now for some fun spam facts: Although made in Minnesota, Hawaiians have the biggest appetite for spam per capita in the US [according to Wikipedia]. Spam, which magically doesn’t need to be refrigerated, was a staple in World War II so you can thank the military for introducing it in Hawaii. And I have to thank Richie and Betsy for joining up for the most adventurous Stately Sandwich yet!

The making of sandwich #22: