Indiana: Breaded Pork Tenderloin

Sandwich served: December 19, 2012

With a little help, I managed to squeeze in one last sandwich before the end of the year. My friend Grant drove me to the grocery store that afternoon so I wouldn’t have to lug everything home on the bus. Grant’s first job out of college was a salesman for a wine distributor in Indiana, and it wasn’t long before he was talking the ear off a Whole Foods employee about their Indiana beer selection. It worked – he managed to get his hands on a secret stash of Three Floyds Zombie Dust (a bit hoppy for me, but Gumballhead is always a favorite).

Brandon, an Indiana University alum, was our other honored guest. We spent the evening around the dinner table eating sandwiches as big as our faces. Unfortunately Grant had to leave before we ate, but we were able to wrap everything up for the first Stately Sandwich to-go!

New cities, new jobs [congratulations Brandon!], and MBAs were a few of the topics that dominated conversation and for a second I felt like an adult. Moments later I looked over at the pile of dishes to do and decided to go promptly to bed instead. No need to grow up just yet.

The making of sandwich #21: