Iowa: Maid-Rite

Sandwich served: July 8, 2012

Sunday night sandwiches have to be my favorite. No one’s trying to figure out what bar to go to or thinking about their long day at work, it’s the perfect night to gather with friends over a meal. And quite the gathering of Iowa alumni there was!

After a few calls to Maid-Rite restaurants, I learned that this recipe was not going to just be handed over. Many Internet searches later I found this recipe with a comment from a past Maid-Rite employee giving their stamp of approval. The secret ingredient: Coca-Cola!

For such a simple recipe, I think we were all surprised at how tasty the sandwich was! Beef, onions, pickles, mustard, YUM.

Thanks to Brandon, Christina, Ryan, Tessa, and Tim for squeezing into our living room for Maid-Rites. Your tales of haunted houses in the corn fields gave me nightmares but I think I’m ready to cheer on the Hawkeyes, or at least partake in some tailgating.

The making of sandwich #14: