Maryland: Crab Cake

Sandwich served: November 23, 2012

While my mom is a true chef who can whip up anything and everything, my dad has mastered two things: macaroni & cheese and crab cakes. Born in Bethesda, it’s somewhat serendipitous that my dad’s specialty is in fact Maryland’s state sandwich.

Whenever Colleen and I are home for the holidays, there’s always a crab cake night. My dad takes over the kitchen and hands off sous chef duties to the Pratt ladies. The radio blasts classic rock, flour is scattered everywhere, several wine bottles are emptied, and enough crab cakes are made to feed twelve people. Needless to say, it’s always a great time.

Since my parents were in town for Thanksgiving, crab cake night came to Chicago for the first time. My apartment had a lot to live up to, but I’m confident in saying the night exceeded all expectations [the face swap app + copious wine consumption helped]. It was absolutely amazing for me to share a Stately Sandwiches experience with my parents. They have supported me and this project from the beginning — in fact, it was my mom who came up with the name!

I’d like to thank the great state of Maryland [and my family, I guess] for making this crab cake night one to remember.

The making of sandwich #20: