Massachusetts: Fluffernutter

Sandwich served: February 5, 2012

Growing up one of my favorite sandwiches was a fluffernutter. It may be possible that my dad enjoyed it more than I did because he got to sing the fluffernutter song. Either way, they were a childhood staple.

I decided to make Massachusetts to celebrate the Super Bowl and brought all the fixings over to the party. Not your typical game watching appetizer but everyone was happy to dig in! Luckily there are plenty of leftovers for lunch this week…

The Flutternutter Song:

Oh you need fluff, fluff, fluff
To make a fluffernutter
Marshmallow fluff
And lots of peanut butter.

First you spread, spread, spread
Your bread with peanut butter
And marshmallow fluff
And have a fluffernutter.

When you enjoy, enjoy, enjoy
Your fluff and peanut butter
You’re glad you have enough for another fluffernutter.

The making of sandwich #2: