Missouri: St. Paul Sandwich

Sandwich served: May 29, 2013

I moved to Chicago two years ago with the goal of becoming a designer. Knowing little about the industry, and even less about the people working in it, I started to research ways to get involved. I quickly found that there is a wealth of interesting speakers to hear, things to see, and most importantly, people to meet in this fine city. At one such event I met Victor Saad, founder of The Leapyear Project

I started helping Victor with some of the design work for The LYP, and before long, I was talking to people on Skype half-way across the world about taking a leap to change their world for the better. It has been a fun ride and I'm happy to see Victor's ambitions coming to fruition. 

After hearing me talk about sandwiches for months, it was high time to invite Victor over for one. Since he grew up in Missouri, I cooked up seven St. Paul sandwiches.

Chowing down on hot egg foo yung smothered in mayonnaise and pickles, we planned pop-up alley art shows and smiled at the simple joy of red balloons. The Leapyear Project always seems to spark interesting discussions among people who have never met before; this night was no exception.

Thanks to Victor, Andrea, Jen, Johnny, and Colleen for joining us for a wonderful backyard edition of Stately Sandwiches. To everyone else, I highly recommend checking out The Leapyear Project book — it's a beautiful and inspiring compilation of everyone's leap year story. 

The St. Paul sandwich is worth checking out too.

The making of sandwich #29: