Nebraska: Runza

Sandwich served: February 10, 2013

A what? Yes, you read that correctly. A runza. If you didn’t grow up in Nebraska or within 50 miles of a Runza©, chances are you’ve never heard of it. I would describe a runza as a Midwestern hot pocket. The dough was surprisingly sweet and they were so delicious that none of us seemed to care that they were too hot to hold, let alone eat.

Angie, Carrie, and Will oversaw the runza process, which mind you, took quite a few hours. Everyone chipped in and rolled them up at which point we realized we would all be enjoying leftovers for days. Or your next two meals if you’re Will. They were a little skeptical that we ‘outsiders’ wouldn’t appreciate such a Midwestern delicacy but their worrying was for nothing.

The day a Runza© opens in Chicago, I’ll be the first one in line.

The making of sandwich #23: