New York: Reuben

Sandwich served: February 6, 2012

Growing up in and around New York, I have had my fair share of reuben sandwiches. But, if there were to be someone who has taste-tested more reubens, it would have to be my sister, Colleen.

So, I had to be sure she was home for my first ever homemade reuben – [full disclosure: I bought the corned beef cooked]. I was extra meticulous as I constructed each sandwich and managed to keep all three sandwiches together when I flipped them in the frying pan.

Colleen, Kyle, and I took our usual seats at the dinner table and dug right in. Reminded me of one of our family dinners growing up especially because we ate it on the table from our New York apartment 18 years ago!

This sandwich will definitely find its way to our table again.

The making of sandwich #3: