North Carolina: Pulled Pork

Sandwich served: April 7, 2012

Every once in a while you meet a person who will be a best friend for life. I’m lucky to be rich in friends and one of those wonderful people, Brady, visited over the weekend. A true fan of Stately Sandwiches, Brady was eager to be a part of the project so we made the North Carolina pulled pork sandwich to celebrate her home-state.

In college, Kyle and I drove to North Carolina and spent the night at Duke with his now roommate, Brian. Brady, who went to UNC Chapel Hill, met up with us and we spent the night chatting away at a bar. This Saturday we all got together again, complete with Brady and Brian’s rivaling college shirts. Luckily sandwiches [and sweet tea vodka] bring people together and I was able to snap the awesome photo of the two cheers-ing with their sandwiches!

Thanks Brady, Brian, Kyle, Colleen, and Brandon for your help making the sandwich and an overall awesome afternoon! I think it was the most delicious sandwich yet!

The making of sandwich #8: