Ohio: Polish Boy

Sandwich served: July 6, 2013

Now that I've made them myself, I can truly appreciate good french fries. Getting that perfect golden crisp is quite the process: pealing, cutting, soaking, drying, low-heat frying, rinsing, drying, high-heat frying, and a good salting. Perfect fries are the key to the Ohio sandwich: the Polish Boy.

When Kyle's brother John said that he was coming with his wife and two kids for the Fourth of July, I immediately started researching the Ohio sandwich. John's wife Tessa is Ohio-born and, having met at an Ohio State football game, the two have serious state pride.

Ten eaters - including three Michigan alums who kept their Ohio resentment under wraps - and two napping kiddos gathered at Kyle's parents' house for the event. I had ordered the Polish sausage over the phone and when I opened the package was surprised to find massive footlong links. Kyle, Trey, and I formed a fry assembly line and everyone else was more than happy to taste test. Bre, John and Tessa's 1-year-old, snuck her first ever fry and I was perfectly positioned to capture the moment [see below].

The fries that weren't immediately devoured were piled on top of each giant sausage, wrapped in an oversized bun and topped with slaw and a tangy mustard sauce. We all declared this Independence Day sandwich a raving success.

The making of sandwich #30: