Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak

Sandwich served: April 15, 2012

Everyone knows about the Pennsylvania [Philly] Cheesesteak, but my friends Melissa and Mick really know The Cheesesteak. Mel’s parent’s house is dangerously close to the famous sandwich joints and on a recent trip home, Mel and Mick went in search for the #1 cheesesteak.

Hopefully this doesn’t cause riots among die-hard cheesesteak fans, but we used Pat’s original recipe. Straight from Mick and Mel’s book all about cheesesteaks [yes, they own such an awesome book].

I have to admit, the last time I saw cheez whiz was when I was about 10 and trying to catch some fish, but as real person food it’s pretty darn good. We properly topped our sandwiches with a healthy amount of ketchup, hot sauce, and hot cherry peppers and shortly after I was ready for a long nap. No better way to end a weekend than with good friends and good food!

The making of sandwich #9: