Rhode Island: Fried Clam Roll

Sandwich served: April 29, 2013

This night marked my third attempt to make a sandwich for Little Rhody. The first was a grand effort to coincide with Stately Sandwiches' first birthday. I invited fellow sandwich lover, Chef Graham Elliot, and his wife to our apartment for Rhode Island. They sent a very nice reply, but had to decline due to travel plans.

For weeks, I secretly hoped they would suddenly become available. I eventually stopped crossing my fingers and invited my friend Sean, a Providence College grad, and his girlfriend, Alexa, over for fried clam rolls. I set a time, found a good recipe, and started hunting for clams. Having never prepared them before, I was unaware of how difficult it is to find steamer clams in Chicago. After calling every fishmonger in town, I learned that advanced notice is essential, and 24 hours is not sufficiently advanced.

 On my third attempt, I called a week ahead of time to my new friends at Dirk's Fish, who ordered fresh steamer clams, along with proper hot dog buns from the East Coast.

We all pitched in to dip, dunk, and fry the crazy looking mollusks, then (over)stuffed the goods into buttery, toasted buns. On the back patio [our first outdoor dinner of the year!] the Rhode Island sandwich was finally devoured.

 As the saying goes, third time's the charm!

The making of sandwich #27: