South Carolina: Shrimp Burger

Sandwich served: March 30, 2013

Over the years I’ve made a few memorable trips to South Carolina, but it wasn’t until I started this project that I learned how important shrimp is to this state. I read a wonderful New York Times article that brought to mind picturesque coastal towns with countless shrimp boats docked in their bays. I can only imagine the unique, delicious ways these fishermen have cooked up their catch.

For my project, I chose the shrimp burger. Originally referred to as a shrimp cake, it’s rumored that in order to compete with the burgeoning fast food chains (McDonald’s), it took on the name shrimp burger.

On this particular day, a different state sandwich was supposed to be eaten. But due to an unforeseen ingredient shortage at the fish market, the plan changed quickly and I came home with piles of fresh shrimp instead of clams. Alexa, Sean, and Rob kept us company as we chopped the crustaceans, tossed them with lemon zest and herbs, then hand rolled them into patties.

It wasn’t long after the first bite picture was taken that there were no bites left to be had. As I watched them walk out the door to play softball, I realized I had just finished the 25th sandwich. We’re half way there folks!

Also, we posted the first Stately Sandwiches vine video — check it out!

The making of sandwich #25: