Tennessee: The Elvis

Sandwich served: October 3, 2012

Out-of-town visitors have the misfortune of sleeping on a couch when they stay with me. And although it is a quite comfortable couch, I feel it’s only right to make a sandwich for them.

Courtney was my most recent house guest, visiting from her home state, Tennessee. After eating The Elvis sandwich, I may invite her to live on my couch.

None of us uttered a peep as we devoured our sandwiches and watched a very stately debate. But the silence only lasted a solid minute before there were three clean plates, followed by several hours of catching up.

The King was pretty hefty in his later years, but if you’ve ever scoffed at the idea of a fried banana, peanut butter, and bacon sandwich then I suggest you try eating one. As soon as possible. Because he was on to something.

The making of sandwich #16: