Texas: Brisket

Sandwich served: May 20, 2012

When a sandwich starts with bloody marys and ends with tequila, it’s pretty impossible not to love.

While I have never been to Texas, I’ve been toting around Bon Appetit’s July 2011 issue because of their feature on Franklin Barbecue. This place means serious business and I was not prepared to piss off any Texans.

Quite a few of my classmates are from Texas, so after doing a good bit of research, I sent them an email declaring brisket the state sandwich and crossed my fingers for their approval. I tripled checked and called Cooper’sRudy’s, and The Salt Lick. Finally, I was prepared to hunt down the brisket.

Alex, Matt, and John came over on a Sunday night after the brisket had spent plenty of time cooking slow and low. It meant a lot to me to share the project with people who have seen it slowly grow from the beginning. And, you truly know you have some serious support when someone is willing to let you art direct their sandwich for the sake of an instagram photo.

Not only did we have a fun night but we had second helpings, and thirds… and pecan pie. Someone, who shall not be named, even admitted my brisket was better than his mothers.

Thank you for a glimpse into a true Texas BBQ! When I do make it to Texas you can find me in line for Franklin starting at 9 am. Or earlier.

The making of sandwich #12: