Vermont: The Vermonter

Sandwich served: November 19, 2012

Whenever the temperature starts to drop and the Starbucks holiday cups are a plenty, my thoughts drift to the snow-capped mountains of Vermont.

My family has been spending winter weekends in Vermont for as long as I can remember. The skiing was great, but for some reason the memories that float to the top all involve cars.

On an icy back road of Vermont, I had my first experience behind the wheel. My dad loves to say that within seconds the accelerator was to the floor, but I’m sure I was much more responsible than that…

Then there were the road trips in high school where I was an excellent navigator [because I couldn't drive Cameron's stick shift]. We’d fill the car with enough snacks to last five days and take off. In twenty years I think we’ll still be spending weekends in Vermont eating trail mix — and Vermonters of course!

Thanks to Caroline, Alex, Dez [first ever Stately Sandwiches dog], Laura, Colleen, and Kyle for making another Vermont memory filled with good friends and family. Maybe next time we should eat in the car.

The making of sandwich #19: