Virginia: Ham Biscuit

Sandwich served: April 29, 2012

Virginia is probably one of the hardest states to write about because it means so much to me now. It’s a state that I never thought of growing up but was suddenly put on the map when my sister, Colleen, decided to attend The University of Richmond.

Two short years later, I found myself driving down Boatwright Drive ready to start my freshman year. That same year my parents picked up and moved to Williamsburg — they claim they wanted to play golf year round but I’m convinced they wanted to be closer to Colleen and me. I guess both versions of the story work.

My freshman year was also when I met my boyfriend, Kyle. He was the cute boy who sat in the back of my math class first semester and sometimes, if I was lucky, we would study together. Our class schedules never matched up again but we happened to find ourselves in the same social circle our senior year. I mustarded up the courage to invite Kyle to a sorority social in the fall of 2008 and we’ve been dating ever since!

As for the sandwich, it’s just delicious Virginia ham on a biscuit.

The making of sandwich #10: