Wisconsin: Bratwurst

Sandwich served: June 29, 2012

A wedding in Milwaukee of two UW-Madison alums sparked my appetite for some brats, cheese curds, and beer. Fortunately, all are involved in the Wisconsin sandwich.

Before a few weeks ago I had never been to Wisconsin, but Harley and Dana’s nuptials were the perfect reason to make the 90 mile trip north. This was the first wedding in our group of friends, and it was every bit as fun as expected.

Since the newlyweds were off on their honeymoon, the best man, Mick, stepped in – donning a Wisconsin hockey jersey on a sweltering night – to do the eating. Two more Madison grads, Alex and Allie, were also in attendance.

My Wisconsinite cousin Jenna was in town, but, sadly, is a vegetarian. That didn’t stop anyone else though. Milwaukee Brewing Company beer in hand, everyone (including several other Wisconsin fans not listed above) squeezed around our table on the back patio. After grilling, each beer-boiled brat was carefully layered with mustard, sauerkraut, and melty cheese curds. There were no survivors.

The making of sandwich #13: